10 Fun (and Cheap!) Gifts for Your Boss

If you are sure to get some really fun but cheap gift ideas that you can gift your boss. Don’t just go by comprare facebook mi piace. Here are some interesting ideas to try out to gift your boss.

A lunch box

A lunch box comes cheap and even the best ones would not cost you a bomb. Gift lunch box to your boss, who is always super busy and has no time to eat his food.

Water bottle

Buy him a water bottle to keep him hydrated all through the day

Coffee mug

If your boss likes to have coffee, then buy him a coffee mug. The coffee mugs can also be customized to put in some designs and graphics that your boss would appreciate

A pen stand

The pen stand will give your boss a place to keep his pen safely.

A desk organizer

The desk organizer will let him keep all his files in one place

A photo frame

Your boss is in the office most of the time and he needs to be connected to his family. Why not gift him a photo frame that will act as a decorative piece on his desk and also let him put his family pic on it

A keychain

For the number of keys that he carries al through the day a lightweight key holder is a good idea. It does not cost a lot and is the ideal gift to give to your boss.

A Pen

Why not gift your boss a nice pen to use for his daily work?

A calendar

A desk calendar will make it handy for your boss to track his schedules.

A plant

A small plant on your bosses desk is refreshing and will keep him active throughout the day

Choose from one of these simple yet fun gift ideas to gift to your boss and bring a smile to his face.