10 Simple Things Every Man Should Own And Have In His Life

Being a man may not be as complicated as one thinks if he has some of the basic things to keep him going. Here are some simple things a man should have and own during the course of his life to make life interesting and easy:

  1. Razor

A good quality razor is a must, to get rid of all that manly facial hair when you have to go for an important meeting. A razor can help you land that job interview or save your position in your company.

  1. Electric Trimmer

If you want to just trim your hair or beard before heading out, you shouldn’t be fixing appointments with your nearest salon. Having a trimmer handy can save you a lot of time.

  1. Free Travel Bag

Even once a boy grows into a man, he can still go on impromptu trips. This need not be just with his friends or on a whim to watch his favorite team play. Even an official meeting or a quick get away with his partner will require him to pack and travel.

  1. Mouth Freshener

Never be unprepared to meet that special someone at the bar or impress your boss after a presentation. A bad breath can do more damage than one can imagine.

  1. Hobby

A hobby is a must for everyone, both men, and women. A hobby will help you have a life away from work and also serve as a stress buster.

  1. License

Again something that is a must for both genders. Though chivalry is not expected much these days, no girl is going to say no to a guy who can drive her to her destination.

  1. Reading Habit

Be it a newspaper or snippets on the smartphone. A man should be well read and abreast with current events at least to an extent so that he is not left out during some random discussion.

  1. Gadgets

It can be a simple smartphone or a high-end laptop with all that is available under the sun. Gadgets and men go hand in glove and though it is not wrong to not own one, society can make him feel emasculated if he doesn’t have one.

  1. Toiletries

Toiletries are not restricted just to the womenfolk. A man need not have as many varieties of bottles occupying all the space on the counter but basic things to keep him clean and smelling fresh is a must.


Unless you are bald and have no facial hair, a comb is a must. The dishelved look also needs some grooming from time to time.