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Data is something that is omnipresent especially when it comes to business. It is the most sensitive asset of a Company. Typically, this sensitive information is stored in hard drives, pen drives, and data centers. Just imagine the endless consequences if your data falls into wrong hands by chance. With the advanced technology, the IT infrastructure of the Companies is facing a significant threat by hackers.

Many Companies store our personal data to use it again and again which can prove really harmful to us. Every time you mention or link up your details somewhere, these are stored in some database.

A few software delete the data right away you command them but others store it in their backup copies. If it by chance falls into wrong hands, it can affect things adversely.

The data can be misused in a number of ways, have a look.

  1. Your data can be deleted. (For example The details of your bank account and bank balance. Your bank balance can be simply wiped away.)
  2. Data can be hampered or changed. (You end up having a criminal record for something you never did).
  3. Someone can misuse your data to blackmail you. (Your school data may contain things that may embarrass you or your personal records that should not be disclosed publicly. This revealed data can give someone a chance to threaten you.)
  4. Someone can impersonate you after having your personal details. Known as identity theft, it can affect you seriously. (The hacker can take a loan in your name or can use your passport.)

To ignore such situations it is advised to follow sensible precautions while dealing with data. One should encrypt files, use strong passwords or should lock his phones and computers properly. One can also use the best paper shredder machine to prevent your papers from falling into wrong hands.