The best gift ideas for kpop lovers you need to buy!

Do you have any friends who enjoy listening to K-pop? K-pop lovers will rejoice! This great list of gifts for the Koreaboo in you or your favorite Koreaboo is sure to please anyone, we’ve looked at all the bands, from the bts shop to Taehyung, all of them have their own unique voices and they also have gifts for every single one of their fans to buy online today! Check it out!

The first gift would be some autographed albums from any of their favorite bands, you can easily get them off of Amazon, YesAsia or any general Asian-pop store across the world from Chinese stores to Vietnamese ones. They all sell them in limited quantities so it’s quite likely to be expensive, so you should try to get them as soon as they come out or else you might miss out entirely!

The second great gift suggestion would be a hand drawn K-pop star on wood, several dedicated artists sell them on Etsy, Ebay and many other selling platforms for less than 50 dollars and they are in general pretty high quality, plus you have 30-day returns guaranteed by many of these selling platforms so you don’t really have to worry about seeing it Taehyung’s nose being too big!

The last gift idea would be a coffee mug with your favorite K-pop singer etched onto the front cover, they cost less than 15$ off of Ebay, Etsy or other popular platforms (be sure to check out Asian platforms such as Tencent or Korean stores as well, they may have them for cheaper). They don’t cost too much and it’s sure to be a hit with anyone who is into K-pop or is into these stars for sure! If they dont satisfy, just return within 30-days and you’ll be completely fine!…