Shopping Secrets: 7 Tricks Shops Don’t Want You to Know

A close friend once cracked me up when she said how thrifty she was when she went shopping. She said that she knew partly because she gave some of her best years in retail marketing and also because she is an avid shopper herself!

  1. For instance, have we all not come across price tags been scribbled with a mix of alphabets and numbers or some random colored dots and patterns? Well, I know believe that my friends Lisa was not joking. Because one day I wanted to buy this lovely maroon colored skirt and then when I saw a random scribble on it, I resisted picking it up on that day.

One week later, the store called a sale. The maroon skirt with a green dot and the code R24 was priced half its original rate. The original price was $48 to $24 down makes it a steal to buy it at 50% off!

  1. Change in the shop layout can point to something:

Stores like the NIDM and the ones in its league will often have a set arrangement of racks and may be color coded accessories and clothes. But the moment you find that the store staffs are fiddling with the layout you can have a sale in mind.

  1. Change in the shop windows:

I realized that the moment the shops changing their window display, one must expect some exciting days ahead! Yaayyy!!

  1. Hiring more staff:

This may be slightly elusive but if you know that a shop is looking out for some extra hands for a season, it most probably is for the upcoming sale. So, watch out!

  1. Shopping bags!

Bet you never thought about this one. When stores keep away their regular shopping bags and give out in newer ones then it is almost time for them to call a sale.

  1. A new rack saying ‘New Arrival’ also signals that the previous stock will soon be on sale.
  2. Increasing trial rooms: now everyone knows that a lot of shopping takes place during the sale season and more and more people try out outfits before getting them to the invoice counter. Get the hint?