How To Choose The Right Crate Size For Your Dog?

If you own a dog there are few things you need to consider before buying the right crate size for your dog. Dog crates are available made of wire frame, metal, plastic and also fabric with zippers where you can secure your dog and transport safely. When buying a dog crate the first requirement you need to work out is identifying the right crate size for your dog. People of often commit a mistake of buying a huge size thinking that they are providing big space for their dog to move around freely inside. Your dog should feel it as a safe place to rest and do not use it for nature calls. Make sure that your dog is able to sit straight without banging their head against the ceiling, turn around freely and stretch the paws without being cramped.

Buying a huge crate would not make your dog feel secure inside. If you have a puppy, you can buy an adult dog crate and resize to suit his or her needs. Check for tips and suggestions. Buying an adult size crate later when the dog grows big would turn out to be expensive for you. Therefore you can buy an adult size crate for your puppy and also buy a divider to facilitate only the required space for him or her. The dividers are available as wire frames or wooden panels which you can temporarily insert into the crate to partition the space. You can move the divider depending on your dog’s growth and give it the sufficient space.

Taking measurement of your dog is a very crucial step. Some dogs look tall when they sit straight up than they stand on all their four legs. Therefore ensure the crate’s ceiling is above the dog’s head when he or she sits up straight. To determine the right width, you need to measure the dog’s nose tip to tail end horizontally and add 2 or 4 inches to it. The width has to be proportionate to the dog’s sitting height. Choosing wire crates, plastic crates and fabric crates has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is suggested that you know them before buying a crate for your dog.…

New Dog Owner Guide: 10 Items To Put On Your Shopping List

If you are soon about to welcome a new dog at home then it is important that you start preparing fast. There are some material things that you will need for your dog from along with lots of love and kindness.

Install a fence

If you will be leaving your dog free then have a fence installed around your house. This should be totally dog proof. It should also be such that other animals do not get in.


This is important and makes sure that your dog is crate trained. You could choose from the wire, plastic or cloth material.

Baby gates

In case you have a baby at home then this will let your dog known that a particular area is restricted. This is important to keep your baby safe.


Have an exercise area installed for your dog. This is also its play area. It is much safer than having to lock your dog in areas that could not be safe for it. The playpen will keep your dog comfortable and you can also keep a watch on it.


Dogs like to have their own beds to make a small bedroom for your dog and put the best beds for dogs that matches your room style. Postpone the fancy and expensive beds till your dog does not cross its chewing age.


There are sprays available for purchase that tastes bitter and so your dog will not chew on those items.


A collar helps you to identify your dog. But make sure that if you are buying a leash then don’t leave your dog unattended as they may wrap it on something and choke themselves.

Identification tag

You could buy an identification tag and make it on your dog.

Cleaning essentials

Buy the necessary cleaning essentials that can be used to wash off after your dog dirties an area. Make sure that it is made of safe material.

A poop scoop

This should be of a design that will let you scoop the pool from grass as well as flat edges.