3 Tips About Kids Cameras You Want to Know Before Buying

Choosing a camera for your child is a big decision. There are so many different types available, it can be difficult to know where to look. Here, we have 3 top tips to help you find the perfect camera for your little one, no matter their age.  

Choose a durable Camera for Kids

It’s a good idea to choose a camera which is specifically designed for young children. These are usually made from strong plastic, meaning they can stand up to being dropped and thrown around a bit! Some children’s cameras have waterproof cases, which is ideal if your child loves playing outside or near the pool.  

Look for extra features  

Some cameras have great features which make them perfect for young children. The VTech Kidizoom is a kids camera which also has games built in, making it a great entertainment system for kids who are too young to have a cell phone. This camera also has a lens on both sides, meaning it’s ideal for taking selfies – a feature kids are sure to adore. Some cameras also allow users to edit their photos directly on the camera and add frames and special effects. For young children, features such as an automatic shut-off can also be a lifesaver.  

Choose a kids camera with WiFi 

Buying for tweens and teens can be difficult. If your teen is active on social media platforms, choose a camera which is designed for use with social accounts. WiFi connectivity is a must – this will allow the user to instantly share their photos online. It’s also a good idea to look for a camera which takes decent quality photos for teens. At this age, and if they are sharing online, they will want crystal clear images. So, you’ll probably want to look for a cheap digital camera rather than a ‘toy’ aimed at children.  

The best toys for 1 year olds in 2018

Shopping for one year old toddlers is always exciting and fun. There is however, a lot you should keep in mind when choosing a new toy for a child this age. It’s important that it doesn’t have any small, loose parts which may be put in the mouth, as children this age are still prone to chewing things they shouldn’t, which could lead to choking. You should also ensure the toy is suitable for your child’s level of development, so it keeps them interested but isn’t too difficult or frustrating. Here, we will look at a couple of great toys for children aged one, to give you some ideas and inspiration.

Simple puzzles are a great toy idea for one year old girls and boys. Choose something with chunky pieces which are easy to grab – wooden peg puzzles are great at this age. Melissa & Doug wooden puzzles are one of the toys my 1 year old boy would play with every day whilst he tried to figure out how to piece it together by himself. They’re also great for helping little ones’ vocabulary – talk to your child about what is on the puzzle such as colors, animals and shapes.

One year olds also often enjoy push-along toys such as a baby walker or a ‘my first ride-on’ toy (VTech have some great choices). This will also help them learn to walk, and they are great for using outside when the weather is nice. Choose a toy with bright, bold colors to catch your child’s interest. It might also be a nice idea to choose a toy which plays sounds. Again, this can help your baby’s growing brain develop. They could learn about letters, numbers or simple songs, and it’s a great way for you to talk to your baby about what you can see and hear.…