Top Tips for Buying a New or Secondhand Boat

A big investment goes in buying a yacht – new or second hand, so it is a huge investment experience and you must be satisfied that you have purchased a sail vessel that makes you and your family happy. These are the top 10 tips for Buying a New or Secondhand Boat in short so go through this guide!

  1. Type of Yacht – Before buying you have to find out the type of vessel you’d like to buy based on what waters you want to sail – lakes, rivers, oceans, or for competing in a race or float for many days.

  1. Budget – This is most important as you have to decide on initial purchase amount, upkeep and maintenance, storage and other costs. Consider all of that before you plan to invest in a yacht.

  1. Where to Buy? Here is one difficult doubt on where to purchase a new or second hand yacht. Look in yacht magazines, yacht club notice boards, yacht brokers and private sellers or search for yachts at online.

  1. Test Sail – There are customers who purchase boats and power sails without even seeing them! But it is advisable to see it and try out the sail too or find out about it with the first yacht owner if buying a second hand yacht.

  1. Assessing – Make sure that there is a professional assessment and survey of the yacht that you plan to purchase. There may be issues with insurance if there is something about the condition of vessel as they need a complete understanding of the boat’s condition.

  1. Contract – It is highly advisable and recommended to enter a legal written sale deed or agreement on first and second hand Yacht purchases. The paperwork helps with the buyer, seller, and the broker in case of any disagreement.